We are working to reduce the avoidable burden of lifestyle related diseases. Together, we can do it.

Our far-reaching study is providing groundbreaking insights into reversing genetic, physical, psychosocial, and lifestyle-based factors that can foster disease.  With your help, we are preventing and reducing the burden of illness around the world, now and for future generations.

Join the Study

When you join the Global HealthSpan Study, you get a valuable and detailed review of your health and a unique report on how your genetic code and your lifestyle practices are working for you or against you. Then, we’ll also provide a roadmap for you to get control of your health back in your own hands.

You’ll get:

  • Wellness assessment
  • Individualized report on the good, the bad, and the ugly: how your health history, your genetic code, and your lifestyle practices are getting along, and
  • Clear, easy, and personalized suggestions to help you feel more healthy, fit, and alive!

When you sign up, you’ll complete our comprehensive health history questionnaire. We’ll also ask you to respond to an occasional lifestyle or health survey that helps us track how you’re doing. We might also contact you about other studies you might want to join. Your level of your participation is completely voluntary.

Other Ways to Support Our Vision for the World

Become a Sponsor

As a corporation, hospital, school system, and other stakeholder, you can make a tremendous difference in forwarding our efforts to improve the health of youth, seniors, working populations, and everyone else. We will work with you to customize programs that match your vision and core value.


Donations that support our organization help us recruit and retain visionary researchers and dedicated, qualified staff who keep our unprecedented research dynamic and relevant. Your donations go a long way to further our work to empower people everywhere to live healthier, more productive lives. Help us make a difference!

Contact us now to discuss other ways to make a donation.

Collaborate with Us

We are actively seeking collaborative relationships with researchers, universities, genetics laboratories, and other trailblazers in genetic studies. By sharing protocols, funding sources, data management practices, dissemination strategies, and even personnel, we accelerate our efforts towards a more health-empowered world.

Let’s team up. Contact us to find out how we can help each other realize our vision for a healthy humanity.