For All the World to Thrive

Cracking the Code to Healthier, Longer Living for All of Us

The Global Healthspan Study is a ten-year scientific research effort that reveals extraordinary insights into the predictors of aging and disease. With unprecedented insights into how our genes and our lifestyles interact, we are paving the way for people to live life more fully — no matter what age, race, gender, or economic level.

What is healthspan?

Your healthspan is the capacity you have to feel healthy, productive, and alive! While there’s a lot of talk about extending lifespans, it’s just as important to improve our healthspans, so that every one of us can live out our fullest potential.

We are educating individuals and communities. We are raising their awareness about what impacts their health and how they can take their health and happiness into their own hands.

We’re working to make a big difference in the lives of..


Around the globe, more children than ever suffer from debilitating learning disabilities, stress, hyperactivity,  and anxiety. Our Study is reaping new revelations about how to help them turn their conditions around, reduce their suffering, and begin living a healthy, promising life.


Stress and environmental factors can degrade quality of life and make people much more vulnerable to diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders. Our research into genetic correlations with lifestyle behaviors is giving us revolutionary insights into how people everywhere can transform their health from the inside out.   


Alzheimer’s Disease and other conditions of cognitive decline rob seniors of their ability to function in the world and cause untold heartache in their families. Our work is uncovering the root causes of this pervasive disease, along with numerous other age-related illnesses.  

We are committed to engaging one million people from all around the world to participate in our Study over the next ten years. Besides providing valuable data for our work, each participant receives a wellness assessment, a report about how their health history, their genetic code, and their lifestyle practices relate to each other. They’ll also get personalized suggestions to get real improvements in their health and wellbeing.

Join the Study

By participating in the Global Healthspan study, you’ll help advance the world’s knowledge about two things that affect each of us: aging and disease. Sign up with us here or through your doctor, hospitals, government agency, university, or place of work. The world thanks you!

Become a Sponsor

We partner with corporations, hospitals, school systems, and other stakeholders and customize programs that match the core values and vision of those organizations. Sponsorship helps us get the data we need to make a real difference in reducing the impact of common diseases and improving the wellbeing of the communities you care about.

Most health conditions are preventable. What we are learning about genetics is blowing open the doors to understanding and reversing so many of the devastating health issues we face today.